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real girls. real need. real hope.


Girls Nite In was born in the girls' restroom of a public high school…

Well, not literally --- but, figuratively!


While teaching at Brownsburg High School, professional musician and educator, Jimmelynn Rice, became deeply concerned about teen girls and the self-destructive choices they were making. Spending many hours after school counseling her students and offering life-guidance, Jimme made a decision as a teacher; rather than take her breaks in the faculty lounge, Jimme began hanging out in the girls' restroom. 'You will learn a lot in a girls' restroom - if you care!'


Issues such as purging, pregnancy, self-harm, addictions, dating violence and toxic relationships dominated discussions. Jimme could not get these girls out of her head or heart! She became inspired and consumed with a passion to create a Safe Refuge offering help and hope! Knowing that teen girls do not live in a PG-13 world - rather, are parked in R-rated and X-rated  constantly - the idea for her life-changing movement that seeks to bring hope and healing was born! Jimme anticipated 10-15 girls meeting in the basement of her home to discuss real-life, hard-core topics in a structured format. Imagine her surprise that first evening when 55 girls showed up!!! Fifty-five!


Though Girls Nite In was originally designed for a group of local teens, the gaping need across the country and around the world became quickly apparent! News began to spread rapidly by word-of-mouth and the grassroots movement ignited! Girls from 17 different high schools around the Indianapolis metro area now attend GNI. The group has expanded to include middle school teens, college-age girls and young mommas! All longing for a Safe Refuge where real struggles will be addressed, guidance and tools given which will enable them to make wise choices, and empowering, life-changing Principles of Truth shared that will change the course of their lives. Over 45 successful, positive, engaging adult female mentors have joined Jimme to become a part of the GNI Leadership Team in Indianapolis.


In 2011, a well-known radio network picked up the story of Girls Nite In and aired it nationally! As a result, requests began to pour in from all across the country wanting to begin a chapter of Girls Nite In in their city! Currently, we have GNI Affiliates in Atlanta, GA, Southern Oregon, Peoria, IL, and Argentina! Many more are in the works in at least fifteen other states and countries. Girls Nite In is now available in a complete programmed format for other cities desiring to impact their young women and make a difference.


May a whole generation of young women world-wide be empowered to make wise choices as Girls Nite In Affiliates begin springing up all around the world!


May a global network of women be energized and empowered to lead Girls Nite In Affiliates - mentoring and influencing generations!



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